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Take Back Control - This workshop teaches you how to manage behaviours that have crossed the line!

Take Back Control - This workshop teaches you how to manage behaviours that have crossed the line!

It’s Time for a Refresh: How to Manage Workplace Behaviour that has crossed the line…

The layers of legislation in place that set the standards of behaviour have not changed significantly. So why has unacceptable, unlawful behaviour and in some cases criminal, continue to rise in many workplaces?

There are many cases and statistics being cited in the media about the psychological harm being caused to workers across all levels of the hierarchy both in the public and private sectors.

Most, if not all of these cases, have been protracted out over a very long period of time which has been detrimental to the overall well-being of the worker/s involved, the employer and with significant financial costs to the organisation.

The many investigations and interventions I get involved with, support these very statistics from small business to very large organisations.

We have had the privilege of working with many organisations to facilitate change at all levels to expand their knowledge of what behaviours are protected by the many layers of legislation that govern the workplace.

This workshop will explore the following:

  • what is sexual harassment?
  • how do I spot that bullying?
  • how to avoid discrimination and the impact it has on your business?
  • what you should do when you see unacceptable behaviours!
  • understanding the various layers of legislation that govern your workplace.

As the person in the leadership role, learn how to take responsibility and act when you see an issue in its infancy and resolve it before it derails your organisation.

This will be diofferent to anything you've expereinced before. Some might say our workshops are a little quirky, others describe it like being in a flight simulator, you will though gain deeper understanding of your responsibilities and how to address behaviours well before they cross the line; long before they turn legal, thus reducing very costly claims and undeniable disruption to the business.

Avoid solving issues through the legal system altogether.

After working through many examples of real-life scenarios, you will leave the room with confidence to go back to your workplace equipped with a toolkit to change language, culture and perceptions.

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These workshopss have been delivered around the country successfully assisting businesses of all sizes for over 15 years. They are relevant for businesses of any size, and you are guaranteed to leave with new information and strategies that will ensure your are protecting your business.

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