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Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts

Nicola works with a network of professionals that believe everyone is capable of being exceptional. Her passion is to help people build skills for success in their personal and professional life.

Her work has been applied to industries in Australia, Canada and the United States. She has mentored start up enterprises helping to form their vision, purpose and values.

Workshops and one-to-one coaching are built to provide more self-awareness, team-awareness, effective communication, leadership development, employee engagement, team alignment and coaching on a personal and business level.

Nicola majored in Anthropology is certified in a number of diagnostic tools and profiling tools. DiSC® is Nicola’s preferred behaviour-profiling tool, she uses DiSC to help coach people in understanding and interpreting their own, and other people’s behaviour styles.

She is a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), has Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, is versed in 360 assessments and is a current member of AITD and ABNLP Worldwide.

Aveline B Clarke

Aveline B Clarke

Aveline is the founder and director of Reignite Talent, a business dedicated to empowering women to bring out their natural talents and abilities through business and solo entrepreneurship.
She is passionate about seeing women unencumbered to achieve their vision and purpose, and does this through mentoring, coaching and running workshops to help them achieve their goals. Aveline's interest in this area started more than 15 years ago when she was juggling the demands of work and family as a single mum whilst developing her career in (HR) Human Resources in the Corporate Sector.

Aveline's experience within HR and systems spans over 20 years across different industries in both large corporates and consulting to the SME sector. Her strengths lie in understanding people’s inherent drivers and helping them to see the 'big picture', as well as the underlying factors that link profits to engagement and enjoyment by aligning values, drivers, goals, processes, and systems.


Her passion in the area of cultural change for Gender Equity has seen her deliver workshops and specific consulting services to large companies desperate to help shift their gender inequities and increase positive gender metrics. She has created systemic and cultural change across entire multinational corporations through her work: resulting in widespread benefits financially, culturally and personally.

Aveline has worked with dozens of start-ups, SMEs and multi-millionaires both in Australia and Overseas, resulting in systematic business transformation via structural, mindset and systems change.

She is a natural teacher, speaker, facilitator and instigator of change.
Aveline regularly coaches and teaches women, and provides consulting advice and workshops to large organisations on shifting gender inequities and empowering women to excel unencumbered.