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Workplace Behaviour

Workplace Behaviour is one of the cornerstone organisational pillars we focus on at Maureen Kyne & Associates.

For the past 8 years we have delivered a leading-edge program based on legal and risk management. Compliance is the basis for this program, and whilst it is a critical component we realised that it was not the only one necessary.

Leading workplaces aim to operate with values and beliefs centred around Inclusion, Diversity and Respect, and we are no different. And we wanted to infuse these into our Workplace Behaviour training to create a foundation for lasting change.

Our Workplace Behaviour Prevention programs combine Legal and Risk compliance coupled with leadership awareness that Prevent, Detect and Correct inappropriate workplace behaviour.



Workplace Behaviour

Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies

Is your workplace filled with vibrant people who want to work for you?

Maureen Kyne & Associates brings to you a unique learning solution to Prevent, Detect & Correct inappropriate workplace behaviour before it becomes an issue via our benchmarked Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies Program.

Over the last 15+ years, workplace problems were mostly thought of in legal or risk management terms. Today, companies are turning to the Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies Program because although compliance is an important element, it is no longer the only element. Building a respectful, diverse, and ethical culture is a business necessity alongside the inclusion for people managment. Our Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies Program is helping organisations meet that challenge head-on through our unique, interactive approach that combines both governance and leadership.

Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies Program is a behaviourally-based, interactive approach that equips individuals with practical tools for applying the organisation’s policies and values to their daily on-the-job conduct. Rather than focusing on the law and the layers of legisaltion that govern the workplace, the Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies programs – emphasise the connection between everyday workplace conduct and an organisation’s ability to achieve its business mission and develop leaders.

Check out our Prevent * Detect * Correct workshop series running nationally on our event page or contatc us to run the program in-house.

Workplace Behaviour Training for Leaders

This program empowers it's individuals to reclaim their integrity whilst building loyalty and connection to their workplace. Organisations that have adopted this training have boasted business advancement and genuine relationships with their people, whilst protecting what's most important: each other.

The outcomes from this program are to avoid issues such as:

  • Workplace bullying
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination

and more..

Yet how often does someone stop and ask WHERE these unlawful behaviours stem from, and if there is a better way to avoid them rather than legal instruments alone?

This is where the Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies for Leaders gets the tick of approval from many clients.

Who wants to work in a workplace where selfishness and indiference is the norm? Nobody.

And do your employees feel isolated, or act in a way that is offensive to others?

If they are, then your organisation is at risk for claims and fines and even jail in extreme cases.

It's time to consider this unique behavioural-based approach to Workplace Behaviour training to reduce your risk for non-compliance.

Here's what makes the Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies for Leaders program different:

  1. Starting with the values base first, this unique program combines practical tools with interactive methods to help your organisation's policies be reflected in loyal and integral behaviours.
  2. Rather than focusing on the complex layers of legilsation, the programs emphasise the connection between everyday workplace conduct and an organisation's ability to correct culture.
  3. The program is delivered in a number of different format to provide a platform for learning that is continual and that 'sticks'.

This training program is designed to enable your organisation to live by it's true values and create a workplace that based on respect.

Because it's not ONLY about compliance and risk mitigation.

It's about people - and people operate through their behaviours.

Poor behaviours, and the lack of management of those, cost Australian workplaces more and more money each year. Many organisations are totally unaware thta these ccosts are now exceeding a million dollars!

Mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces billions of dollars each year, and we know that the link between mental health and a workplace filled with indifference, inappropriate behaviour, bulllying and discrimination is strong.

So what is it really costing?

Way too much. Did you know that for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace, an organisation will return $2.30? (based on current research from Beyond Blue).

Consider the real cost of investing in your workplace and what it's going to accomplish in the long term: advancement and protection.

If you'd like to discuss how we can run the Workplace Behaviour Prevention Strategies for Leaders program in your organisation, contact Maureen Kyne on 1300 136 146 today.

Alternatively, fill your details in below and we'll send you a detailed course outline for you to read at your convenience.

We look forward to helping your workplace advance in integrity and adopt genuine behaviours that will protect you for the long term.

Check out our Prevent * Detect * Correct workshop series running nationally on our event page or contatc us to run the program in-house.

Workplace Bullying

How To Ensure That Your Workplace Is Bullying Free!

Let’s first look at some of the situations and statistics to get a feel for what affect bullying is having on workplaces. Could this be your workplace?

The prevalence of bullying behaviour in the workplace is far too high. Statistics show that 74% of employees have been bullied, 57% say that they work with a bully and 33% have been sexually harassed. With this in mind ‘what is bad behaviour really costing organisations’.

The media has been full of stories that cross many workplaces and professions. These stories are varied with whistle-blowers going public about bullying and sexual harassment, large fines have been awarded and even jail sentences in some extreme cases.

We know this is only the tip of the ice-berg as many situations go unreported. So what if this was your business and you are flying under the radar, how long will it take before you are front page news?

Ask the question, how is this damaging my organisation. Then ask, are people afraid to speak up or if they have why did things not change.
Often bullying complaints are just given lip service such as; it’s ok they didn’t mean it; they have just got a lot going on at the moment; oh that’s only just a bit of flirtatious stuff; the pressure is on from the top; you know we have to meet those figures; you know that’s just the way he is; and the list goes on.

The person making the complaint goes away feeling even more despondent as they know things will never change and in some instances is victimised/retaliated against for making a complaint. Sounds all too familiar!

In other situations, employers and employees get comfortable in their workplace and then they just feel that they can act however they want to, thus accepting unlawful behaviour to be the norm, it becomes culturally acceptable until it blows up.

Did you know that by recklessly allowing a worker to be exposed to a risk of serious injury; that is both physically and psychologically, you could be found guilty of reckless conduct, which carries a potential jail sentence and/or fines now exceeding a million dollars?

It is the ethical duty for both the employer and the employee to help put a stop to workplace bullying. There is clear evidence to suggest that the financial cost of bullying to Australian business is between $6 billion and $13 billion per year due to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, staff turnover and poor morale. Tackling the problem of bullying and harassment requires changing the culture within organisations.


There are Six Key Bullying Risk Factors that contribute to bullying and harassment behaviour, by tackling and understanding these, it will change the culture of the organisation. By following the ‘Six Step Workplace Bullying Assessment Checklist’ your organisation will be on the road to eliminating the potential harm of unlawful behaviour from your workplace.

Steps To Take To Prevent Workplace Bullying?

It is the responsibility of the employers to take all reasonable steps to prevent bullying before it becomes a risk to the Health and Safety of its workers and others in the workplace. Best practice is achieved through a risk management process that includes:

  • Use the ‘Six Step Workplace Bullying Assessment Checklist’ to identify Six Key Bullying Risk Factors;
  • Conduct an assessment of the likelihood of bullying occurring from the Six Key Bullying Risk Factors and their potential impact on the workers and/or workplace;
  • Eliminate the risks, as far as reasonable practicable, or control, or minimise, them as far as reasonable practicable; and
  • Review the effectiveness of the control methods (measures) put in place and the process generally.

Check out our TRUST * DRIVEN * PERFORMANCE Workplace Behaviour Programs running nationally on our event page or speak to us if you would like to have a customised program run for your workplace.